Midwest Annual Conference
Board of Examiners
African Methodist Episcopal Church
Fifth Episcopal District
Message from our Dean
As Dean of the Midwest Conference, I and the Board of Instructors, are delighted to
welcome you to the 2014-2015 Conference Year Board of Examiners ministerial training
courses. The Board's chief desire is to provide you with tools to enhance your ministry.
The work that you will be given is based on the curriculum as established by the
Connectional Church and found on pages 83-99 and 665-690 of the 2012 Book of Discipline.

While it may be nearly impossible in our time together to cover all the topics outlined in the Discipline or read all the books listed, we will make every effort to give you an understanding of the year's studies. We shall challenge you because we believe that God's people are entitled to the best of your gifts and graces. God has given you the gifts, we pray for God's use of us in honing those gifts. We look forward to your demonstrating that you are both Holy Spirit inspired and intellectually rigorous.

This is a time to explore your call and together we shall determine if it best exercised in the
African Methodist Episcopal Church. Our prayer is that you shall find through prayer, study and discernment exactly how God desires to use you in the building of the beloved community.

It is our hope that you will use your instructors as resource persons, that you will have an
interesting learning experience that stretches your understanding of ministry, and that you
will make lasting friendships. Please feel free to let us know areas that you would like to
see explored. We are here to serve. Enjoy your year.

The Reverend Robert R. Shaw
Dean of Ministerial Training, Midwest Annual Conference

The 2015 schedule will begin on Saturday, January 24 at Bethel AME Church, 2329 Flora, Kansas City, Missouri, promptly at 8 a.m.
Bishop T. Larry Kirkland, Presiding Prelate, 5th District
Rev. Steven A. Cousin, Presiding Elder - Midwest South District
Rev. Donna F. Roberson, Presiding Elder - Midwest North District
Rev. Benjamin Finnell, Presiding Elder - Midwest Omaha District
Rev. Robert R. Shaw, Conference Dean

God Our Father
Christ Our Redeemer
Holy Spirit Our Comforter
Humankind One Family